Leggett ISD plan for reopening ready for public

The attached plan has been reviewed by Leggett ISD Board of Trustees, and administration.  It follows CDC, TEA, and local Emergency Management team recommendations.  There will no doubt, be additions for the safe return and for the actual daily schedule of how we work, so please be patient as we try to adjust on the fly to everything as it happens!!  
They can't scare us....WE ARE PIRATES!!!

 Leggett ISD Fall Return Plan -- 07 20 2020.pdf 

Our anticipated start date for students is August 24th (a little later than other schools). We are still working out the kinks so

please be patient as this is all new for everyone. Thank you for understanding and stay tuned for more information as it comes.


Method of preferred instruction for 2020/2021

I've invited you to fill out a form:
Method of preferred instruction for 2020/2021
In order to develop our instructional schedule, we need to know how many students will be participating face to face and how many will participate through asynchronous remote instruction from home via computer. Please have your response to us by 8-5-2020. If there is no response we will assume your child will be participating in Face to Face learning.


Required Annual Notification of Nondiscrimination

Private Non-Profit Schools


Apart we stand together!


Get Your Text Alerts!

Parents and Teachers:

Sign up for Emergency text! (Don't forget to resign up if you change your cell number!)

To get School Alerts  text @leggettp to 81010

A return text will ask you to send your name for the message database.


2020/2021 School Calendar


Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

  Every student succeeds act.pdf 

Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

 Wellness Policy.pdf 

Box Tops

 We will be collecting Box Tops!!

Please Send the collected box tops in an envelope

or baggie with your child anytime! The class with the most box tops will receive

a Pizza party Thank you.


Parental & Family Engagement CONNECTION

The Parental & family Engagement Connection


Texas Comptroller's Annual Local Debt Report

Texas Comptroller"s Annual Local Debt Report

 Texas Comptroller 27s Annual Local Debt Report.pdf 

Message from the Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent:

 Ratings Updates:  

Leggett ISD received a rating of Met Standards in Accountability Standards a in the Elementary Campus, High School Campus and the District and a District letter grade of "B"for 2017/18 scores. The High School received Distinction Designations in ELA/Reading, Mathematics, Comparative Academic Growth, and Post secondary Readiness and the Elementary received a Distinction Designation in ELA/Reading. Take a look at our scores on the website  at https://txschools.org/ Congratulations to our staff and students for their hard work toward making Leggett ISD a showcase for academic excellence! 

Jana Lowe



Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program

*Notice of Deadline to file Applications for Place on Ballot

*Notice of Deadline to file Applications for Place on Ballot

*Notice of General Elections for all Political Subdivisions except Counties 2016_08_18_10_44_36 1.pdf