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Don't forget... Early Release at 1:30 on Thursday, 2-4-2016 on the count of UIL.

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Gym to be named for former coach

On Friday, Jan.29, 2016 The Leggett Independent School District honored former coach, principal, and superintendent Dudley Dickens by renaming their gymnasium in his honor during ceremonies Friday, Jan. 29. 
Dickens worked at the Leggett School District Beginning in 1973 as principal and girls and boys basketball coach for the Leggett Pirates. In addition to leading the Pirates to state basketball playoffs in 1977, Dickens was instrumental in building the current gymnasium in 1979 which provided the school with modern, improved facilities.
       Dickens was known for inspiring students with his strict brand of discipline that encouraging them to find the best within themselves, both as athletes and as students.
        A big Thanks goes out to all involved in making this event a memorable one. 

Parents and Students Reminder:
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Welcome to a new school year! 
Official 2015-2016 School Calendar
**UPDATED August 10, 2015**
(Click attached Adobe PDF link for full view)
New LISD School Calendar 2015-2016 PDF.pdf

School Policy Reminder 2015-2016:

LISD Student Handbook states, 

"If a student uses a telecommunications/electronic device without authorization during the school day, the device will be confiscated.  The parent may pick up the confiscated device from the Principal's office for a fee of $15.00." 

Students are not allowed to use the phones during the school day. Musical devices and  earphones(of any kind) are to be put away during school hours. Thank you.

A note from Ms. Lawson:

Affordable Colleges Guide to Online Degrees: http://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/degrees/

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Kindergarteners did a fantastic job on their projects!


Changes to the Code of Conduct
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